Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB), a money-spinning savings scheme for Wage Earners.

Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB) is a product developed by Bangladesh Bank for Bangladeshi wage earners living abroad. The main objective of Wage Earner Development Bond (WEDB) is to encourage Wage Earners in abroad to invest their hard-earned money in purchasing WEDB which ensures savings as well as guarantees a higher interest rate than the other saving scheme.

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According to recent information from Bangladesh’s Wage Earners’ Welfare Board, around 1.4 crore Bangladeshi workers who reside abroad and make contributions to our economic well-being. But they always fear what they will do after returning home at a certain age. Bangladesh Bank introduces this bond to overcome this fear and ensure the financial security of the wage earner.

Features of Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB)

  1. Anyone can purchase bond in the denominations of Tk. 25,000; 50,000; 1,00,000; 2,00,000; 5,00,000; 10,00,000 and 50,00,000 upto BDT 01 (One) crore.
  2. Bond can be purchased in the name of the wage earner, a nominated person of the wage earner and in the name of his beneficiaries in Bangladesh.
  3. The Bond(s) shall mature for payment on or after five years from the date of its purchase.
  4. Bond holder may change nominee easily in need.
  5. Tax exemption on the principal and interest amount.
  6. Bond holder may return the amount at maturity in existing exchange rate.
  7. This bond also offers death risk benefit upto Tk.5.00 lac as an extra amount of principal amount and paid interest.
  8. Loan Facility on the bonds in Bangladesh.
  9. Interest payable every six months in BD
  10. Can be used as security for any loan

Key Required Documents:


· Valid Passport Copy

· Job visa/Permanent residence

· Remittance documents

· Others documents required by issuing bank.

Who and where can purchase Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB):

Wage earners can purchase Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB) from Authorized Dealer branches of Bangladeshi Banks and Foreign Branches/ Representative Office, Foreign Correspondent/ Exchange Company/ Exchange House of Bangladeshi Banks except Shariah based Banks in Bangladesh.

Interest Rate:

Interest rate of Wage Earner’s Development Bond (WEDB) is all time higher than any existing deposit scheme of any bank also higher that Sanchayapatra. At emergency, bond holder may encash his/her bond. Interest rate will be the following;


Paid Interest rate (%)

Interest payable Up to 15.00 Lac

More than 15.00 Lac to 30.00 Lac

More than 30.00 Lac to 50.00 Lac

More than 50.00 Lac

Within 6 (six) months of issuance

No interest will be paid

After 6 (six) months but not later than 12 (twelve) months





After 12 (twelve) months but not later than 18 (eighteen) months





After 18 (eighteen) months but not later than 24 (twenty-four) months





After 24 (twenty-four) months but less than 60 (sixty) months





At maturity [after 5 years]





Other Benefit:

If the bond holder died before maturity Death risk will be paid at the following manner;

For investment between Tk. 25,000 and Tk. 4,75,00040% of the Investment
For Investment between Tk. 5,00,000 and Tk. 9,75,00045% of the Investment
For Investment of Tk. 10,00,000 and above50% of the Investment.

In case of lost or stolen Bond:

If a Bond is lost, stolen or destroyed by the bond holder he/she can apply for reissue this bond. But for this he/she have pay certain Fees charged by the issuing bank. Fees are in the following: –

For each Bond of Tk. 25,000/-, 50,000/- and 1,00,000/-Tk. 100/-
For each Bond of Tk. 2,00,000/- and 5,00,000/-Tk. 200/-
For each Bond of Tk. 10,00,000/- and 50,00,000/-Tk. 500/-

 N.B.: This rate of fee may be changed by the Government from time to time.

Investments in this bond will ensure a bright future for the wage earner when they return home, which is the ultimate tension for them.

Wage Earner Development Bond Bangladesh Form: 👉CLICK HERE


01. Who can buy wage earner development bond?

A Bangladeshi wage-earner serving abroad can buy bonds in his/her own name or in the name of any other person nominated by him/her at the rate of
exchange on his/her own earnings in foreign exchange.

02. What is the limit of wage earner development bond in Bangladesh?

Anyone can purchase bonds Maximum limit of up to TK 1 crore in denominations of Tk. 25,000; 50,000; 1,00,000; 2,00,000; 5,00,000; 10,00,000 and 50,00,000.

03. What is the rate of wage earner development bond?

The highest rate of wage earner development bond at maturity is 12%.

04. What is the tenure of wage earner development bond?

Wage earner development bond may be purchased for 05(Five) years.

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