About us

Hi friends,

We, Md. Razib Hossain and Jesmin Sultana are the authors of our site swapnojatraa.com. We dreamt to go ahead with our dream which we really like and want to do that is why we named it SWAPNOJATRAA. In English “Journey with Dream”.
We have completed our graduation and post-graduation in Public Administration from Islamic University, Kushtia, one of the largest public universities in our country.
We both working in a reputed private commercial Bank in our country. Now we are passionate about blogging. For that we created swapnojatraa.com.
Our purpose is to help people with bank-related queries and Bank Job Circulars, information about something we are quite familiar with.
We assure you that you can get genuine information from what we write.
You can share your opinion through our e-mail address: [email protected]
You can also contact us at ☎ 01316360255.