How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank in 2023?

Pubali Bank Limited is one of the largest Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh operating all over the country having 482 branches, 27 Sub Branches and 17 Islamic Banking Window. It is the first bank initiated by Bengali businessmen. In October 2020 Pubali introduced a Mobile application for its customers to keep pace with the process of digitalization, though other banks have introduced their mobile apps for a long. Today I’m going to tell about the beginning to the end of PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank.

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Meaning of Pi(π) Banking.

Pubali Bank Limited used the word Pi(π) for,

  1. Can be memorized easily.
  2. PI means in Bengali money receivable.
  3. PI stands for Pubali Internet.
  4. The mathematical term Pi(π) is used to reflect infinity which means a user can get infinite facilities by using this.
  5. The smallest unit of currency was PI until 1947 in India, Burma and Pakistan.

Registration process of PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

To register with Pi(π) Banking apps you must have an account with Pubali Bank Limited and must have an E-mail ID and also a valid mobile number which is registered with the account maintained with Pubali Bank Limited. So, first you have to open a bank account with Pubali Bank Limited. Then you have to download the Pi(π) Banking app from google play store. Then the process is;

01. After downloading the apps you have to sign up by clicking

PI Banking apps of PBL

02. Then you get this page. Here you must tick on “I agree to these terms and conditions.”

PI Banking Sign up

03. Next, fill up the following details,

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

04. You will get an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile. After mobile number verification, you have to input your email ID and then  OTP send to your registered email.

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank
How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

05. In the next step you have to fill up your personal details; like your name, your father’s and mother’s name which is separated into three parts; first name, middle name and last name. Last name is mandatory. For example, if your name is Razib, you must fill up only the last name box with Razib.

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

06. After successful entry of Personal details, you got this confirmation message.

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

07. And an email will be sent to you with registration documents. You have to sign it up and submit it to the concerned branch. After proper verification from the concerned branch, you will get a call from Pubali Bank Limited ICT operation division for confirming your bank account details and personal details. Then, they will send you User ID (User ID is always your customer ID along with the first letter of your last name i.e. my name Md. Razib Hossain so my User ID starts with h*******) and Password.

Features of Pi(π) Banking.

  1. My Account.
  2. Account Statement.
  3. Fund Transfer.
  4. Bills pay.
  5. Card Management.
  6. Fund Management.
  7. Recharge.
  8. Stop Payment.
  9. Positive pay.
  10. Cheque Book Management.
  11. Feedback.
  12. History.
  13. Merchant Payment.
  14. User Manual.
  15. User Profile.

These features are providing by Pubali Bank Limited through this App. Now, I’m trying to discuss briefly about these features.

My account:

In this menu you can get your account balance. Here in this menu an option “Add account” you can add more than 01 account opened with Pubali Bank Limited with same customer ID. But till now proprietor account/account in the name of organization you cannot add. Pubali Bank Limited still working on this issue. They will notify it soon.

Account Statement:

In this menu you can search mini statement or statement for your desired period.

Fund Transfer:

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank

This menu is used for own bank account transfer. Pay Loan Installment for own bank loan installment. For others bank fund transfers you can to RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and NPSB (National Payment Switch Bangladesh) menu. Through NPSB you can pay your CreditCard bill with another bank.

Bills Pay:

You can pay your utility bill through this menu. But till now few companies are added in this feature of Pubali Bank Limited.

Card Management:

Your credit Card Bill with Pubali Bank Limited can be paid by this menu.

Fund Management:

This feature is still not active in this app.

Mobile Recharge:

How to use PI Banking apps of Pubali Bank


Mobile top up is possible for all mobile operators in our country.

Stop payment:

You can mark stop payment for a specific cheque or account through this option.

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Positive pay:

If you pay your duly filled up cheque to someone to settle your payment and if payee submit it to bank other instead of Pubali Bank Limited, in that case, you have to inform your concerned branch about this cheque. This is called Positive Pay Instruction. Now, this can be done by this option.

Cheque Book Management:

By this menu you can apply for a new cheque book leaf.


By this option you can share your experience and your advice about this app.


You can know about your app usage for last few hours.

Merchant Payment:

Limited merchants have subscribed in this app. This option is still developing. Very soon you can pay your merchant bill through this option.

User Manual:

You are directly linked with Pubali Bank Limited prescribed user manual download of this app.

User Profile:

Your details like Profile photo, Password, OTP receiving medium can be modified by this option.

This app is a milestone for Pubali Bank Limited though it has some limitations they are trying to minimize it from time to time. Mobile app is a time demand issue for banks. This app will help its customer to ease their transaction without going to the bank physically.


01. What is the meaning of PI Banking of Pubali Bank? 

PI Banking is a mobile app introduced by Pubali Bank Limited in 2020 to provide banking services through this app. Usually, they define their apps as; 
i) PI meaning in Bengali money receivable.
ii) PI stands for Pubali Internet.
iii) Mathematical term Pi(π) is used to reflect infinity which means the user can get infinite facilities by using this.
iv) The smallest unit of currency was PI until 1947 in India, Burma and Pakistan.

02. Who can register for this app?

Anyone who has an active account with Pubali Bank Limited can register for this app by downloading it from Google Play Store.

03. Can a proprietorship account be registered with PI App?

From the beginning of this app proprietorship account registration feature was not active but its last update on 15th July 2021 proprietorship account can be registered with PI App.

04. If I forgot my PI Banking login password what should I do?

Just call 16253 and seek help from call center representatives for password recovery.

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