Generations of Banks in Bangladesh.

The banking sector of Bangladesh is continuously growing with new banks coming in from time to time. Bearing in mind, the year of establishment, the Generations of Banks in Bangladesh is categorized into Four generations.

01.  Banks who have licensed in the year between 1971-1990 and starts their operation are called first-generation banks.

02.  Banks incorporated from the period of 1991-2000 are termed as second-generation banks.

03.  Banks that get licenses from 2001 to 2012 are called third-generation banks.

04.  All banks that are getting licenses from 2013 till now are called fourth-generation banks.

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Generations of Banks in Bangladesh:

Here, I’m trying to identify the generation wise Bank name with its establishment date in the following:

01.  First Generation Bank (1971-1990):

Sl. No.Bank NameEstablishment yearWeb Address
01.Agrani Bank PLCHabib Bank Limited and Commerce Bank Limited were renamed Agrani Bank Limited under President’s Order No. 26 of 1972. 17 May 2007 incorporated as a State-owned Commercial Bank.
02.Sonali Bank PLCNational Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Bahawalpur and Premier Bank were renamed Sonali Bank under President’s Order No. 26 of 1972. 15 June 2007 started banking activities as named Sonali Bank Limited.
03.Rupali Bank PLCMuslim Commercial Bank Ltd., Australasia Bank Ltd. and Standard Bank Ltd. were renamed Rupali Bank Limited under President’s Order No. 26 of 1972. 14 December 1986 emerged as the largest Public Limited Banking Company of the country
04.BASIC Bank Limited02 August 1988
05.Janata Bank PLCUnited Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were renamed Rupali Bank Limited under President’s Order No. 26 of 1972. On 15 November 2007 restructured it as a public limited company.
06.Bangladesh Krishi Bank1973
07.Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan BankEstablished in 1986. Start Operation-15 March, 1987
08.Pubali Bank PLCStarted in the name Eastern Mercantile Bank Limited in 1959 and was denationalized in 1983. 
09.IFIC Bank PLC1976 
10.National Bank Limited28 March 1983 
11.National Credit and Commerce Bank PLC1985 
12.The City Bank PLC.1983 
13.United Commercial Bank Limited1983 
14.Uttara Bank PLCStarted on 28th January of 1965 in name of “Eastern Banking Corporation” and was privatized in June, 1983. 
15.Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited13 March 1983 
16.ICB Islamic Bank LimitedApril 1987 
17.Standard Chartered BankFirst branch in Bangladesh in 1948 in Chattogram. (Established in 1905) 
18.State Bank of India5th May 1975 starts its operation in independent Bangladesh. (Founded in 1806) 
19.The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Ltd.First branch in Bangladesh in 1996.(Established in China in March 1865.)
20.National Bank of Pakistan1949 
21.Woori Bank21 September 1996 this Korean bank commenced its operation. 
22.City Bank NA1987. (Established on June 16, 1812 in New York)
23.AB Bank Limited AB Bank Limited was incorporated on 31st December, 1981 in Bangladesh. (Established in 1946) 
24.Habib Bank Limited August 25, 1940, First branch in Bangladesh in 1976.

02.  Second Generation Bank (1991-2000):

Sl. No.Bank NameEstablishment yearWeb Address
01.Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited1 June 1998.
02.Bank Asia Limited1999 
03.Dhaka Bank PLC05 July 1995  
04.Eastern Bank PLC1992 
05.Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited1999 
06.Mercantile Bank PLC02 June, 1999 
07.Mutual Trust Bank PLC29 September 1999 
08.ONE Bank PLCMay 1999 
09.The Premier Bank Limited10 June 1999
10.Southeast Bank PLC1995 
11.Trust Bank Limited1999 
12.Prime Bank PLC1995 
13.Social Islami Bank Ltd.1995 
14.First Security Islami Bank Limited29 August 1999 
15.Bank Al-Falah Limited01 November 1997(In 1947 commenced in Pakistan)
16.Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited18 June 1995 
17.Standard Bank Limited11 May 1999 

03.  Third Generation Bank(2001-2012):

Sl. No.Bank NameEstablishment yearWeb Address
01.BRAC Bank Limited2001
02.Dutch-Bangla Bank PLC2002 
03.Jamuna Bank Limited03 June 2001 
04.Probashi Kollyan Bank20 April 2011
05.Shahjalal Islami Bank PLC10 May 2001 
06.Commercial Bank of Ceylon LimitedIn 2003 its started journey in Bangladesh. (Established in Sri Lanka in 1920) 
07.Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd.16 November, 2009 (BDBL is the amalgamation of former Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) and Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha (BSRS), 

04.  Fourth Generation Bank (2013- onward)

Sl. No.Bank NameEstablishment yearWeb Address
01.Bengal Commercial Bank Limited23 February 2020.
02.Community Bank Bangladesh Limited2019 
03.Meghna Bank PLC09 May 2013 
04.Midland Bank Limited20 March 2013 
05.Modhumoti Bank Ltd.2013 
06.NRB Bank Limited04 August, 2013 
07.NRB Commercial Bank Limited02 April 2013 
08.Padma Bank PLC29 January 2019 
09.Probashi Kollyan Bank20 April 2011
10.Shimanto Bank PLCLicensed on 21 July 2016. Inaugurate the bank on September 1, 2016. 
11.South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited2013 
12.Union Bank PLC2013
13. Global Islami Bank Limited25 July 2013 

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