City Bank Bike Loan; Most stunning Features & Requirements.

Availing of Public transport to go anywhere whether to the office or for other personal work is another name for agony. Middle class & lower middle class families who can’t afford a car, a bike can be an easy solution/ perfect choice for them.

Many banks are now lending bike loans with easy terms & conditions. City Bank Bike Loan can be the best choice for whom wants to buy a bike on bank loan. Here we will discuss about City Bank Bike loan facilities in detail.

Features of Bike loan:

  1. Loan amounts up to BDT 10 lac including registration fee Up to 80% financing (100% financing female)
  2. Loan tenure: 6 – 36 months
  3. Special interest rate
  4. No processing fee for female customers
  5. 0% early settlement fee
  6. Multiple bike purchase facility
  7. 90% loan against FDR of City Bank

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Loan amount:

City Bank Limited offers Up to BDT 10 lac as loan for purchasing your dream bike. They are financing up to 80% of the bike’s retail value.

City bank allows repaying the loan in 36 months Easy installment.

Processing fee charged for Bike loan:

You have to pay 1.50% of the sanctioned amount as the processing fee of the loan plus applicable Vat and other relevant stamp charges at the time of disbursement of the loan.

The people who are Eligible for getting City Bank Bike loan:

  1. Salaried Executives.
  2. Self-employed Professionals.
  3. Business Person.
  4. Landlord.
  5. Foreign Remittance-earners.
  6. Person who is in ride-sharing service.
  7. Freelancer.

Other Requirements:

  1. Age: 21 to 65 years
  2. Minimum Experience
    1. Salaried Person: 1 year
    2. Business Person, Freelancer or Professional: 1 year
    3. Person in ride-sharing service: 6 months
    4. Foreign Remittance Earner: 6 Month

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Minimum Monthly Income:

  1. City Bank allows this facility to their own employee with a Minimum salary limit of BDT 12,000.
  2. Salaried Person (Account Payee): BDT 15,000
  3. Salaried Person (Cash Payee): BDT 20,000
  4. Business Person, Professional, Landlord/Landlady: BDT 25,000
  5. Freelancer- BDT 30,000
  6. City bank also encourages those who are interested in ride-sharing services. For the person who is in ride-sharing service, City bank minimizes their minimum salary requirement to BDT 15,000.
  7. Foreign Remittance Earner- BDT 20,000


  • Joint Registration of Two-wheelers(Waived for City Bank Permanent employees)
  • One master cheque covering full loan value.

For More Details:


01. What is the tenure of City Bank Bike Loan?

Tenure of City Bank Bike Loan is from 6 months to 36 months.

02. What is the Processing Fee of City Bank Loan?

City Bank charges 1.50% of the sanctioned amount as a processing fee of the loan plus applicable Vat.

03. Is there any loan processing fee for female customer segments for City Bike Loan?

City Bank offers 0(Zero) loan processing fee for a female customer for Bike Loan.

04. Can City Bank Provide bike loan facility to their own employee?

Yes, City Bank allows this facility to their own employee with Minimum salary limit- BDT 12,000.

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