Pubali Bank Limited offers Pre-Foreign Education Loan for students who are interested in studying abroad.

Pubali Bank Limited, one of the renowned private commercial banks in our country, introduce a loan facility named “Pre-Foreign Education Loan” to boost up education quality in our country. Nowadays most of the parents are more concerned about the education of their children. But sometimes financial inadequacy becomes the major obstacle to making the path for higher education in abroad. Pubali Bank Limited provides this facility to the child who are willing to have their higher education abroad to flourish their potentiality and to take part in the country’s development.

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Remarkable features of Pubali Pre-Foreign Education Loan:

  • Loan will be provided at minimal 5% margin of entire loan amount.
  • Easy loan conditions.
  • No processing fees charged.
  • Loan amount will be Tk.60.00 Lac (Including Margin amount)
  • Loan tenure maximum 06 months from the date of disbursement.

Basic terms and conditions of Pubali Pre-Foreign Education Loan:

Pubali bank limited provides this facility to the student who are intend to have their higher education in abroad by following these terms and conditions;

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A Bangladeshi national who has a Savings or Current account with Pubali Bank Limited.
  • Must be an adult person having sound mind.
  • Having clean CIB report.

Documents and Security:

  • NID and Passport copy of the student.
  • NID copy of the guardian.
  • Passport size photo for both student and guardian.
  • Utility bills copy for address verification.
  • Offer letter from the educational institution.
  • Personal Guarantee of Applicant.
  • Lien on the balance of the Saving/Current/FDR deposit account covering the loan amount.
  • Undertaking from the depositor (Student/Guardian) regarding the balance of the Saving/ Current/FDR deposit account will not be used until adjustment of the loan.
  • 5% margin of entire loan amount.

Loan Tenure:

Maximum loan period will be for 180 days from the date of loan disbursement

Other instruction:

  • Interest rate @12% P.A. with quarterly rest. (Subject to change as per bank discretion)
  • Loan processing fee and other government fees i.e. excise duty, will be realized as per existing rules.
  • Repayment will be made time to time and will be adjusted within the tenure. If fails to adjust within the validity will be adjusted by debiting the respective deposit account which is marked lien for the loan.

Pre-Foreign Education Loan facility is a revolutionary facility for the student to make them financially eligible for higher education in abroad in their desired educational institutions. For more details about this facility you can contact your nearest Pubali Bank Limited branch.

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