Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Uttara Bank Is the pioneer who introduced the first special saving account scheme for the aged person in our country named “Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account”. At the age of 50 to 50 up we are in a crisis period of having financial security on our own.

Uttara Bank Limited ‘Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account’ is such type of product that provides you a competitive savings rate other than any standard Savings &  this account is specially designed for old aged people. You can deposit your money in this account in a single or joint name.

Features of Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account:

  • Standard Savings Account
  • Interest is paid twice a year
  • 50% discount on all types of bank charges

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  • Any Bangladeshi Citizen can apply for opening a Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account.
  • Minimum Age: 60 years for male, 50 years for woman.

Required Documents:

  • 02 (two) copies of PP size Photograph attested by introducer
  • Photocopy of NID / Passport / Birth Registration Certificate
  • Application for opening an account (available at all branches)
  • Utility bills i.e. Electricity bill, Gas bill etc. for address verification.
  • Other related documents for banks requirement.

Special Facilities:

  • ‘Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account’ Can transfer to any branch
  • Uttara Bank Limited offers 50% waiver on all types of bank charges
  • ‘Savings Platinum Bank Deposit Account’ also have cheque book facility.

Applicable Charges:

Sl. No.

Nature of ChargesRate of Charges/Fees/Commission
01.Minimum Initial DepositTk. 500/-
02.Account Maintenance Fee (half yearly)i. Average balance up to Tk. 10,000/- No charge will be realized.
ii. Average balance above Tk. 10,000/- to Tk. 25,000/-, Tk.100/- will be realized.
iii. Average balance above Tk. 25,000/- to Tk. 2.00 Lac, Tk.200/- will be realized.
iv. Average balance above Tk.2.00 Lac to Tk. 10.00 Lac, Tk.250/- will be realized.
v. Average balance above Tk. 10.00 Lac, Tk.300/- will be realized.
03.Closing of AccountTk. 200/- + VAT
04.Service ChargesNIL
05.Incidental ChargesNIL
06.Minimum Balance FeeNIL
07.Ledger FeeNIL
08.Counter Transaction FeeNIL
09.Cheque book Issuei. Non-MICR-At Actual Tk. 1.50 Per Leaf+VAT. ii. MICR-At Actual Tk. 4.50 Per Leaf+VAT.
10.Account Transferi) Transfer in same district= Tk. 50/-+ VAT ii) Transfer in same district= Tk. 100/-+ VAT
11.SMS Banking ServiceTk.100/-+VAT in Half-Yearly Basis.
12.Online ChargeTk.150/-+VAT in Half-Yearly Basis. (Online charge will not be applicable for those account holders who are not interested to avail of Online facilities with a written request.)

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