EBL MILLIONAIRE SCHEME of Eastern Bank Limited.

Every human being wishes to save his/her hard-earned money in a trustworthy organization. The bank is always in first thought as the most trusted financial institution. Banks are the safest and most trusted place to protect people’s money, assets, capital, and women’s jewelry. But it is also a hazard to choose which one is suitable for you. EBL Millionaire Scheme is a monthly Savings Scheme with flexible long-term tenure that gives you a maturity Value of BDT 1 (one) million-with monthly installments minimum amount of BDT 3,000.

EBL MILLIONAIRE SCHEME is the best choice if you;

  1. Want to go for long term savings
  2. Want attractive Rate
  3. Want to be a millionaire after a fixed tenure.

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Features offered by EBL MILLIONAIRE SCHEME

  1. Choose from different tenures- from 3 to 15 years
  2. One Person can open More than one “EBL Millionaire Scheme”
  3. Small monthly installments
  4. Automatic realization of monthly installments by instruction
  5. Maximum 90% Loan facility against EBL Millionaire Scheme
  6. In case of Early encashment, Interest forfeiture will be as below: i) Closed Before One Year – No Interest will be provided. ii) Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at prevailing Savings Rate. iii) Closed After 3 Years- 2% less than EBL Millionaire Rate

The below Maturity Value Table shows the different installment amounts on available tenures:

324,00022,50010,00,000 (One Million) (Before Tax)


  1. Maturity value is subject to proper and regular payment of the prescribed monthly installments
  2. Maturity Amount shown here is subject to income tax and/or other levies.


  1. Minimum Age: 18 years
  2. Citizen of Bangladesh

Interest rate:

This SCHEME offers different rates of interest for different maturity tenure. (Interest rate subject to change as per Banks discretion)

Name of the Product03 Years05 Years07 Years10 Years12 Years15 Years
EBL MILLIONAIRE SCHEME5.60%5.60%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%

For any query:

EBL call center is always open for your query. You can call 24*7 16230 or 09612316230 and from abroad +8809612316230, and you can visit physically any of Eastern Bank Limited Branch all over the country or their official website: https://www.ebl.com.bd/.

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