Process Of Registration With BINIMOY; A Simple Guide.

BINIMOY is an Interoperable Digital Transaction Platform introduced by the Government of Bangladesh on November 13, 2022, for simplifying mobile financial services (MFS) in our country.

It allows users of any provider to transfer funds from his/her accounts to the accounts of users using a separate provider.

For example, a bKash service user can transfer money who are using Rocket or Nagad service as well as bank account holder can send or transfer money to Rocket, bKash, Nagad or any other mobile financial services (MFS) user’s account.

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Process of Registration with BINIMOY

For registration with BINIMOY, you don’t need to download any apps. You can easily register with Binimoy if you have already an account with the partner 11 banks and financial institutions or if you don’t have an account with the partner banks and financial institutions then you have to open an account with them.

Steps to be followed for Registration with BINIMOY

01. For registration, you have to log on with any of the mentioned 11 banks or financial institution’s apps or internet banking portals. In my case, I have an account with Pubali Bank Limited. And I’m using PI Apps of Pubali Bank for BINIMOY registration.

02. After Successfully Logging in to PI Apps Click on BINIMOY Icon. An interface opens in front of you.

BINIMOY registration Process_PI Banking

03. Then click on “CREATE VIRTUAL ID”.

BINIMOY registration_PI Banking

04. Then choose your desired Virtual ID and check whether your desired ID is available or not by clicking “CHECK AVAILABILITY”. If your desired Virtual ID is available then Click “SET Binimoy PIN.

BINIMOY registration_PI Banking

05. Here set your BINIMOY PIN (Pin must be 05(Five) to 60(Sixty) letters or digits.

BINIMOY registration process_PI Banking

06. After completing the PIN set up Now link your Bank Account (In my case Pubali Bank Account) number.

BINIMOY registration_PI Banking

07. Now your virtual ID creation is completed.

From PI App you can register a device for BINIMOY you used for PI App. You can change PIN, Account Number and so on.

BINIMOY registration_PI Banking

List of Banks partner with BINIMOY:

Presently 11 banks and financial institutions now associated with the government for Providing Binimoy Services. These are;

  • bKash
  • Rocket
  • mCash of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
  • Pubali Bank Limited
  • Brac Bank Limited
  • United Commercial Bank Limited
  • Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  • Eastern Bank Limited, Midland Bank Limited
  • Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  • Sonali Bank Limited

All bank and mobile financial services (MFS) have almost the same user interface for BINIMOY registration and transaction process. But for initiating any transaction through BINIMOY it is necessary that the recipient must be registered with the platform.

BINIMOY Charges;

Binimoy Charges

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