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Pubali Bank Limited is one of the largest and first private commercial bank at the initiative of some Bangalee entrepreneurs in our country which started its banking journey in 1959. Pubali Bank Limited offers a variety of deposit schemes among them double benefit schemes in the name of “Dwigun Sanchaya Prokalpa(DSP)” is a lucrative one. The main features, benefits and account opening procedure are discussed below;

Features and Benefits of “Dwigun Sanchaya Prokalpa”.

v  Initial one-time deposit. Tk. 1.00 Lac or it’s multiple

v  Deposited amount will be doubled in 8 years (Number of years may vary)

v  Loan facilities up to 80% of the deposited amount

v  Payment on maturity or premature encashment

v  Joint account can be opened


Customers Eligibility for PBL Dwigun Sanchaya Prokalpa.

Individual, corporate bodies, Trust, Club, Association, Societies, Trading and Non – Trading Concerns may open an account

Account Opening Procedure

1.      Have to fill out a Prescribed application form provided by the bank

2.      Photograph of the Account holder is required

3.      Photograph of the nominee(s) is/are required

4.      Specimen Signature required

5.       Introducer required

Tenure to be doubled

Deposit will be doubled in 10 (Ten) years. No. of years to double the deposit may change from time to time.

Withdrawal Procedure

Customer may Encashment at Maturity or premature encashment whenever he/she wants.

Loan Facility offered against “Dwigun Sanchaya Prokalpa”

Customers may Borrow up to 90% of the deposited amount in the form of an Overdraft/Demand Loan.

Premature Encashment

In the case of premature encashment customers may get;

1.     Before 1 year – No interest and no penalty.

2.     After 1 year to before 2 years – SB interest rate. No interest for fraction days.

3.    After 2 years before 3 years – 4% simple interest. No interest for the remaining days.

4.    After 3 years before 4 years – 5% simple interest but no interest for remaining days.

5.    After 4 years before maturity – 6% simple interest but no interest for remaining days.

6.    Total months up to the date of encashment to be calculated and interest to be paid for the multiple of 3(three) months excluding the remaining period.

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