Covid-19 outbreak and its consequences to the education system of Bangladesh.

Covid-19 pandemic not only brings the risk of infections but also disrupts the incessant global system. From this pandemic, Bangladesh also couldn’t opt out. Like others education system of Bangladesh is also adversely affected by this pandemic.

More than 200000 educational institutions are functioning throughout the country are facing complete closure till now and about 40 million students are remained at home without doing anything. We don’t know which will be the ultimate result of this.

Though China was the first victim of Covid-19 no nation can drag its feet from this pandemic. This pandemic outbreak on in Bangladesh in March-2020. In order to ensure the protection of the population from this pandemic Bangladesh government announce “lockdown” on 23rd March 2020 throughout the country along with this pronouncement Ministry of Education declare a holiday till 09th April 2020 and Due to the pandemic situation government have to postpone its PSC exam which is the 1st public exam of Bangladesh education system.

At the end of April 2020 Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina extends this holiday and declare that all educational institution remains closed till September 2020 and this still in enforcement.

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Due to this pandemic government cannot but suspend JSC exam in August. HSC exam was also postponed which was scheduled to begin on 1st April, 2020. HSC exam is one of the most noteworthy examinations in our country context. This is a major stage for students for their upcoming future. But this year Ministry of Education decided to publish HSC result in a different way.

They decided to publish auto pass result in this year due to this pandemic situation. This is the first HSC batch in Bangladesh history who gets their result without sitting in the exam. According to the Ministry of Education, this result was made by Coordinating 75% of SSC and 25% of JSC-JDC exam results. They get their certificate but what do they actually get? They have to face problems in getting admission into universities and They have to face immense impact in their higher education.

Covid-19 outbreak and its consequences

In July, 2020 Bangladeshi students were introduced to a new system named online class which was first initiated by the authority of Dhaka University. This is primarily helping the students to continue their studies. But This system is mainly for affluent students who can avail gadgets which are required for an online class like computers, Laptop, Mobile, routers and at last internet. Lack of having these facilities huge portion of the student mostly primary and high school level remains in the dark of this system.

Quality teaching is also a major fact of the E-Schooling system. Though teachers are qualified enough they are not used to with online class system. If we view these school closures in another way; the development of their potentiality, creativity is significantly hindered. This long time closure of school drastically impacts the total learning capacity of the students.

E-Schooling or online school is an effective method for developed countries. They are well equipped, have well trained mentors and have well furnished internet facilities as well. Unfortunately, we are far from these. We are more or less habituated to interactive study as well as participating in study. Primary and high school level education builds the pillar of a student that what he/she actually wants to do or what is he/she wants to be.

In that case, our young are deprived of the true essence of learning and that affects their mental and physical growth as well. Most students of remote areas are the worst sufferer. Drop out tendencies are increasing heavily in these areas. This tends to increase the number of child laborers and early marriage. Gender disparity also emerged mostly in poor families. They engaged their girl in household work and those parents who didn’t afford the family expenses are bound to arrange their girl’s marriage.  

To cope with this pandemic and coming in future there is no exception to thinking and developing our education system by taking into consideration the limitation of our resources and infrastructures. And finally, we think very soon we will overcome all these obstacles and ensure a better world for our upcoming generation.

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