Challenges a Working Mother has to face in her everyday life.

Mother is the safest and most peaceful place in the world for every child. Mother is the first teacher, ideal, friend, mentor for every child. His/her childhood fully depends on the mother on which a child makes themselves flourishing future. But every mother has to fight till death to prove herself as a mother from the birth of her child. Although the role of women in a patriarchal society is still to keep themselves engaged in housework but to continue the existence of the patriarchal system the lead role is played by women. 

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In the 21st century, women have to face a new form of domination in the name of gender inequality, women’s empowerment, self-reliance, elimination of unemployment as well as equality. In third world countries like Bangladesh working mother has to face double stress one in her workplace and the other in her family. Women are working at the same pace as men since the beginning of civilization. From that time no one recognizes their fight to the civilization as a mother or a human beings. Now a day’s women are getting their deserved value but they have to continue their never-ending war as mothers in their workplace and home as well. Along with this divine job of motherhood they are playing a pivotal role in every sector of the world economy. In Bangladesh also, the number of working mothers in every sector of the country is noteworthy today. Women are contributing to every sector of our economy even though they are participating in foreign remittance earnings. Garments sector is one of the promising sectors in our country in which main labor force is women. About 18.60 million women are working in various sectors of our country along with their divine job of motherhood. Sector wise participation of women today parallel to men is shown in the following chart.

Men & Women ratio in Various sectors

Motherhood is a God-given responsibility that rests solely on women for which a woman has to devote all the time in her life, eating, sleeping, resting and even sacrificing herself. Every working Mother’s Day begins with waking her child. Then make food for them and for herself. Then she has to prepare her husband and children to go out as well as take care of everyone else in the family. Then she has to go to work to support the family. After completing this, she has no longer time for her own and no one to look for.

No matter we talk about equal rights, all the responsibility for taking care of the child belongs to the mother alone. Everything is the responsibility of the mother from the time of the birth of her child until grown-up. And in the case of the working mother, these are the things she does with skill and compassion along with her job sometimes she has to hear that she is depriving her son just for money. So, my question is, are women being educated only to give birth and raise children? However, in the workplace, Are women playing a lesser role than their male counterparts? If we talk about women workers, they have to pay the same amount of labor as men. At the end of the day, a working mother has to return home and give time to her unheeded child and have finished all the household work. Although husband and wife are in the same profession, it is a time of rest for the husband. An additional responsibility of working mothers is that they have not been able to give time to the child all day and have to make up for it after returning from work. And the only job of working men is just to earn.

Unwilling to disclose her name, a bank official working in a reputed private commercial bank express her grief that she has to leave her sick baby in the house for her job but her husband has fewer headaches than of her though they are equally responsible for their child. She even didn’t get leave to take care of her child. Now I’m familiar with this scenario also. No one understands her feelings for her child only we look for her earnings. My wife is also a working mother. She has to leave our son at home all day long for her job. This is the scenario of every single working mother. They are doing their duties in their workplace and in house after tolerating all these never-ending hazards. They work for their family, for their child and also for the country.

Women have to leave their family for marriage and after marriage, she has to leave their beloved child for their job. And I think all these are done by a woman not only for her own satisfaction but also for her family where she belongs and in our country context, of course, it’s her husband’s family. Just as a child needs their parents to grow up, if a woman gets a hand from her husband and family she can make her motherhood more beautiful and easier.

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