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To complete your unfulfilled desire for a dream of a Home for your own or for your beloved family Bank Asia has the products of Home loan limit from Tk. 5.00 Lac to Tk.2.00 Crore. Bank Asia Home Loan Facility is a term loan facility under Retail Banking to purchase of flat/ house, construct a structured building, renovate house/flat, construct semi pucca (tin shed) and to transfer any home loan from other banks and financial institutions for the lower middle class, middle class and upper-class people of all Metropolitan, City Corporation, Pourashava & Union Parishad areas. Bank Asia offer’s following purpose-based products under Their Home Loan Facility:

Name of the loan productOffered for PurposeOffered LimitTenure
Shopner NirmanConstruction of BuildingBDT 5 lac to 2 crore25 Years
Shopner AbashPurchase of Flat/ HouseBDT 5 lac to 2 crore25 Years
Griha ShajRenovation of House/FlatBDT 5 lac to 1 crore15 Years
Shopner  KuthirConstruction of Semi Pucca HouseBDT 5 lac to 1 crore15 Years
Nijer BariTake Over of Existing Loan from other Banks or NBFIsBDT 5 lac to 2 crore25 Years

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 Loan Features:

  1. Loan amount offered from BDT 5 lac to BDT 2 crore
  2. Loan tenure allowed for 1 year to 25 years
  3. Loan processing fee charged at 0.5% of the loan amount
  4. Property or life insurance is optional
  5. Partial & full settlement facilities are available if you wish to.
  6. Grace period facility is allowed maximum 12 month

Who are eligible for Bank Asia Home Loan Facility?

  • Any Bangladeshi individual who has the means and capacity to repay bank loan.  
  • salaried person
  • self-employed professional
  • Businessman
  • Mariners
  • land lord
  • wage earners etc.

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Customer’s Eligibility:

  • Age Limit: Main applicant’s minimum age should be 25 year (if income is considered) and 18-year age (if income is not considered). Joint applicant’s minimum age should be 18 years. Maximum 65 year at of loan maturity
  • Minimum income: aggregated Income must be more than BDT 25,000 except Mariners. For Mariners, income must be more than BDT 50,000
  • Service length / Experience:
  • Salaried individual: Minimum 2 (two) year
  • Doctors: 1 (one) year of practice experience after getting BMDC registration
  • Engineer, Chartered Accountant & Other professionals: 2 (two) year of professional experience
  • Businessman: business duration minimum 3 (three) year
  • Mariners: 2 (two) year of professional experience with Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) authentication
  • Land Lord: Must have sufficient regular rental income to repay bank loan
  • Wage Earners: Must have sufficient proof against remittance income

Required Documents

01. Land Documents, required for Purchase a Flat

  • Deed Of Agreement Between Flat Purchaser and Seller (Developer/Landowner)
  • Power Of Attorney Deed in Favor of Developer
  • Deed Of Agreement Between Landowner and Developer
  • The Title Deed of The Landowner
  • Mutation, DCR, Khatians, Up to Date Khazna and Holding Tax Receipts
  • Bia Deeds
  • Copy Of Money Receipts
  • RAJUK Approval Layout Along with Construction Permission Letter
  • Lease Deed, Power of Attorney Permission Letter, Sell Permission Letter (If Lease Hold Property)
  • Non-Encumbrance Certificate

02. Land Documents, required for loan for Construct/Renovate Own Building or Flat:

  • The Title Deed of The Landowner
  • Mutation, DCR, Khatians, Up to Date Khazna and Holding Tax Receipts
  • Bia Deeds
  • Non-Encumbrance Certificate
  • Cost Estimation
  • RAJUK Approval Layout Along with Construction Permission Letter
  • Partition Deed
  • Lease Deed, Sell Permission Letter, Mutation Permission Letter (If Leasehold Property)

Personal Documents:

  1. National ID/Valid Passport (For Borrower & Guarantor)
  2. E-TIN
  3. Bank Statement (S) For Last 1 Year
  4. Utility Bill
  5. Letter of Introduction/Salary Certificate
  6. Up to Date Trade License for Businessman. (Both for Borrower & Prime Guarantor)
  7. 2 Copies of Recent Passport Size Photographs (For Borrower & Guarantor)
  8. Visiting Card
  9. Any other document that may stand as a proof of income
  10. Utility Bills

Charges & Fees:

  1. Processing fee: Up to Tk. 50 lac: 0.50% but not exceeding Tk. 15,000, Above Tk. 50 lac: 0.30% but not exceeding Tk. 20,000.
  2. Valuation bill, Vetting, Contract Point Verification, CIB & other mortgage related fees & charges are to be incurred by borrower.
  3. For Partial / Final prepayment have to pay at 0.50% on prepayment amount
  4. Penal interest: additional 2% per month on overdue loan amount

For details you can physically go to any of their branch and agent outlets. Also, can call 16205 and +88 096170 16205  FROM ANYWHERE 24 hours, 7 days a week and visit their official website:

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