City Bank Limited Home Loan

City Bank is one of the leading first-generation banks that started its journey in 1983. From 1983 till date, they have 132 branches operated throughout the country. They have numerous deposit and lucrative loan products for their customer. Among these to make your dream home a reality with easy loans facility City Bank offered “City Bank Limited Home Loan” to all. They have a wide range of options designed to cater to your every home financing need, be it purchasing a new flat, constructing a house or renovating your existing home. City Bank home loan offers you a delightful experience of banking.
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Details of City Bank Limited Home Loan:


1) Loan amount ranging from BDT 5 lac to BDT 200 lac
2) Repayment tenure 1 year to 25 years
3) Financing up to 70% of property value
4) Semi-pucca financing facility
5) Financing to Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)
6) Home loan with overdraft (OD) facility
7) No hidden cost
8) Early settlement facility
9) Loan across the country

Loan amount

Loan amount may be fixed by the bank upon customer demand, eligibility and banks satisfactions. You can get BDT 5 lac to BDT 200 lac.

Loan tenure

1 – 25 years


Age: 22 to 65 years


3 years experience in the respective fields.

Income criteria:

1. BDT 50,000 and above
2. BDT 30,000 (Government officials only)

Required Documents for City Bank Limited Home Loan

Common Documents for all Segments

1. Photocopy of NID/Smart card
2. 3 copies of Passport size lab print photograph
3. Business card/Office ID copy
4. Latest E-TIN certificate or tax-payment slip
5. Latest utility bill Copy
6. Recent 02 passport size lab print photograph, NID, Office ID, Business Card etc. of Guarantor (if any)
7. Sanction letter and repayment statement of existing loans (if any)

Documents for Salaried Person

1. Letter of Introduction (LOI)/Salary Certificate
2. Pay-slip/ Salary Sheet/ Vouchers for last 6 months
3. Bank Statement for last 6 months

Documents for Self-Employed/Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Architects etc.

1. Self-income declaration on Professional Pad, Letter head etc.
2. Bank Statement for last 1-year with professional income reflection
3. Latest Professional Qualification/ Membership Certificate
Documents for Businessman
1. Recent 3 years’ Trade License of business
2. Registered Partnership Deed for Partnership concern
3. MOA, Certificate of Incorporation, Schedule–X, Form–XII etc. for Limited Company
4. Bank Statement of last 1-year for Business account and Personal account
5. Company TIN, BIN, VAT certificate and Business card of company (if applicable)

Documents for Landlord/Land lady

1. Self-declaration on rental income
2. Copy of Rental deed
3. Ownership document of rented property (ownership deed, mutation, land tax etc.)
4. Bank Statement of last 1-year with rental reflection

Required Property document for Freehold Property

1. Title/ Ownership Deed(s) of Land
2. Baya Deed(s) for last 25 years
3. Mutation Khatian along with DCR
4. Up-to-date Land Tax Receipt
5. Certified Khatian of Records (CS/ SA/ RS/ BS/ City Jorip khatian etc.)
6. Up-to-date NEC/ EC
7. Up-to-date Holding Tax Receipt
8. Deed of Agreement for Flat/House Purchase [Between Purchaser & Seller]
9. Payment/ Money Receipt of payments for Flat/House Purchase
10. Joint Venture Agreement (for developer projects)
11. Power of Attorney (for developer projects)
12. Approved Layout Plan of Building
13. Construction Permission of Building

Required Property document for Leasehold Property

1. Lease Allotment Document of Land
2. Lease Deed/ Ownership Deed of Landlord(s)
3. Baya Deed of Lease Land for 25 years
4. Mutation Permission Letter from concerned authority
5. Mutation Proposal along with DCR
6. Up-to-date Land Tax Receipt
7. Up-to-date NEC/ EC
8. Up-to-date Holding Tax Receipt
9. Deed of Agreement [Between Purchaser & Seller] for Flat/House Purchase
10. Payment/ Money Receipt of payments to Seller/Developer for Flat/House Purchase
11. Joint Venture Agreement (for developer projects)
12. Power of Attorney (for developer projects)
13. Sale Permission Letter from concerned authority
14. Power of Attorney Acceptance Letter from concerned authority
15. Approved Layout Plan of Building
16. Construction Permission of Building

***These are all basic documents; it might vary time to time based on bank’s requirement.***

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