What is locker Service in bank? Locker service offered by the Banks in Bangladesh.

Locker service in bank is an ancillary service which gives customers a completely secured facility for safekeeping of their precious items such as Ornament, confidential documents, Deeds, Business Documents, Personal Documents and other valuables permissible as per law against any unfortunate incident.

In our country especially in the city area, most people are migrants which means people are in there for professional purposes. They have to live in a rented house. They go out from home for their profession and their wife takes their children to school.

In that time robbers or miscreants broke into their flat or house, taking away ornaments and other valuables. This is a common scenario. To get rid of these incidents Locker service offered by the Banks is the best option to safeguard your valuables.

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Almost all banks operated in our country are providing locker service through the country at the cheapest price or reasonable price charged in a year. But we merely know about this facility of banks. Here I’m trying to give some information regarding the locker service of banks which may help people to minimize threats to keep their valuables at home.

Advantages and benefits:

01.   Locker facilities ensure the safety and security of people’s valuable assets, including Ornaments, ornaments, business papers and personal documents.

02.   People are hesitating to keep liquid assets at home. Banks are the reliable source of their assets and documents are being taken care of.

03.   Banks are providing locker service at a reasonable price charged for a year.

04.   Lockers Available in Various Sizes. i.e. Small, Medium and Large with Varying Rents. You can choose it according to your requirement.

05.   Each branch of a bank has general insurance coverage, which gives extra protection to the assets stored in a locker. In case of theft and pilferage, depending on the size of the box, a user gets compensation from the bank.

06.   A locker-holder can add one or more names who will use the locker in his absence. He can also withdraw the names if and when he wishes.

Terms & Conditions for getting a locker Service

01.   For obtaining a Locker, you must be an account holder with the Bank. (Some banks are providing locker service to the non-account holders with their bank. This is subject to their satisfaction level with the customer.)

02.   Lockers can be allotted individually as well as jointly.

03.   The Locker holder is permitted to add or delete names from the list of persons who can operate the Locker and can have access to it.

04.   If the holder loses the key he has to be informed immediately to the concerned Branch and file a general diary with the police station.

05.   An individual (not minor), firms, limited companies, associations, clubs, trusts, societies, etc. may hire a locker.

06.   After an individual hires a locker, banks will hand over a key to the locker holder and keep another key in its possession.

Service Charge

Service charge is imposed by banks annually based on the size of the Loacker. Usually, banks are providing three types of lockers such as Small, Medium and Large. Service charge for locker service may vary from bank to bank. But usually, most of the bank’s charges nearly;

Sl. No.Locker SizeYearly Charge
01.Locker Charge-SmallTk.3,000
02.Locker Charge-MediumTk.5,000
03.Locker Charge-LargeTk.7,000

In case of loss of the locker key bank also charges for key replacement fee from the key holder.

Now locker service is specially provided by bank branches located in cities. Its growing demand is bound to expand to all branches of banks operated throughout the country.


01.  What is locker Service in bank?

Locker service is an auxiliary service provided by the Banks along with their traditional service to give customers a secured facility to safeguard of his/her valuable items, confidential documents and other valuables against any unfortunate event with a nominal annual rent.

02.  How do you get services from a bank locker?

Locker Services are usually allocated to consumers on a first-come, first-serve basis upon satisfaction of a customer by the bank with a nominal annual rent. For getting locker service from banks, you must have an account with the bank. That may be compromised by some banks.

03.  How do you close a bank locker?

The locker can be closed by the locker holder at any time during the contract period. It solely depends on the customer’s wish. To close a bank locker, you have to return your key to the bank.

04.  How much does a locker cost in bank?

Service charge is imposed by banks annually based on the size of the Loacker. Usually, banks are providing three types of lockers as Small, Medium and Large. Average costs charged by bank are Tk. 2000-3000 for Small, Tk. 4000-5000 for Medium and Tk. 5000-7000 for Large locker.

05.  Can I keep cash in bank locker?

Considering safety, many customers prefer to keep their valuable belongings such as gold and important documents, in bank lockers. You can keep your cash to locker liability lies on you. Banks only impose rules that you can keep your valuable which is permissible as per law.

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