Meghna Access- a digital payment solution by Meghna Bank Limited

Meghna Bank Limited, a fourth generation Bank, recently introduced an end-to-end digital service named it “Meghna Access” which is specially designed for its Corporate Customer.

Meghna Access provides real-time distributed cash collection and corporate payment solutions. All Corporate ventures and government agencies can utilize these solutions to collect and pay online with verified data security i.e., bill collection.

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As an expansion of its special features, Meghna Access also offers “Virtual Accounting Solution” for its corporate customers.

It is necessary for corporate ventures and public bodies to maintain separate operating accounts for each sub-segment of their business to be able to collect and pay their bills. With Meghna Access, clients can also eliminate the need to maintain multiple operating accounts to separate cash according to their business units.

Through this unique solution, clients will be able to manage their funds and process payments with greater transparency and control, as well as real-time custom reconciliation and the quick dispatch of invoices, quick receipt of products, quick posting of entries, and the quick forwarding of products to stakeholders.

Source: The Daily Star

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