How to get a captured card back from an ATM?

In the age of digital transactions, banks offer their cards either debit or credit to withdraw cash from ATM booths. This saves our time as well as helps to minimize the hazards of withdrawing cash from a bank branch after passing a long queue. In this day and age, most of the people fully depend on Bank’s ATM to withdraw money rather than withdraws cash from bank branch.

But sometimes at the time of withdrawing cash from ATM we have to face unexpected hazards like card captured by an ATM, or cash not being dispensed. At that time usually, we are in a dilemma that What should we do to get our money and card back? Here, we know about some ways to get a captured card back from an ATM.

First of all, we know about the most common reasons for capturing a card in an ATM;

  • In most common cases if you have entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times in a row, it will automatically block the card and stop anyone from using it as a security measure. 
  • If you use an expired card then the card may capture on ATM.
  • Due to an interruption in power supply and network failure cash may not be dispensed at the time of using ATM and card may be captured.
  • If anyone use blocked card on ATM.
  • If anyone uses a physically damaged card on ATM.
  • After completing transaction if you delayed removing your card from ATM card may be captured.
  • If your take time to input your information on ATM card may be captured.
  • Another common reason is if you use your card in an unsupported ATM card may be captured.

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What to do to get a captured card back from an ATM?

There is a possibility to get back your captured card if use same bank’s ATM which also issued your card. Otherwise, there is less possibility to get back your card. In case of captured card you have to do;

  • First of all, call your bank’s hotline number (mostly hotline number printed on the back of the card) to stop or close your card and inform about your problem to the security guard of the ATM.
  • Try to remember your card PIN but do not share your PIN with anyone.
  • If your card has been captured by ATM terminals and you are using another bank ATM, you may coordinate immediately with the bank branch where the ATM is located. 
  • If No money was dispensed when you tried to withdraw. Please monitor your bank account within 24 hours for your balance to be updated. Then you can contact with your concerned bank and also can contact your bank hotline number.
  • If the card is blocked due to security reasons, then the only open option for the cardholder is to issue a new card from their bank.
  • All ATM cards have a certain duration for which they remain active and valid. Validity of a card for such is mentioned on the card before using card must check its validity. In such a case the cardholder needs to approach their bank branch which will provide them with a new ATM card. Most of the cases banks automatically provides new card before expiration of validity.
  • If No money dispensed from ATM you have to wait for a while because sometime ATM machine takes time to dispense cash due to sever problem.
  • In our country bank mostly issued VISA or MasterCard. Some bank issued other card also like AMEX Card, Nexus Card etc. Better you use your card in a ATM which supports your card brand.

These types of ATM problem happen mostly on the time of holidays. So my suggestion is to keep your branch contact number always with for such type of problem, check your card validity, replace your card if it is damaged.

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