How many commercial banks are there in Bangladesh in 2023?

When we are trying to find any specific bank details for searching about their product/account details, terms and conditions, benefits, interest rates we have searched by individual bank names. The first question that comes to our mind that “How many commercial banks are there in Bangladesh?” also. Here we are trying to bring all bank’s names and links which help you to find out your desired information from one place.

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Banking sector in Bangladesh is characterized by strict regulations and monitoring by the central governing body Bangladesh Bank. Since independence Bangladesh Bank act as an authority for controlling, monitoring, and supervising banks operating in our country. According to Bangladesh Bank, banks which are operated in our country are;

Types of Banks:

Banks in Bangladesh are classified into the following types:

  1. Scheduled Banks.
  2. Non-Scheduled Banks

Further Scheduled banks are categorized into the following types:

  1. State Owned Commercial Banks (SOCBs).
  2. Specialized Banks (SDBs).
  3. Private Commercial Banks (PCBs).

i) Conventional Private Commercial Banks.

ii) Islami Shariah based Private Commercial Banks.

  1. Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs).

Following commercial banks are operated in our counry;

1. State Owned Commercial Banks (SOCBs):

In our country, There are 6 State Owned Commercial Banks which are fully or majorly owned by the Government of Bangladesh.

Sl NumberName of The BanksNumber of BranchesWeb Links
1Agrani Bank PLC960
2Sonali Bank PLC1225
3Rupali Bank PLC585
4BASIC Bank Limited69
5Janata Bank PLC915
6Bangladesh Development Bank Limited46

2. Specialized Banks (SDBs):

We have 03 specialized banks which are now functioning and founded for specific purposes like agricultural or industrial development. These banks are also owned by the Government of Bangladesh.

Sl NumberName of The BanksNumber of BranchesWeb Links
1Bangladesh Krishi Bank1038
2Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank383
3Probashi Kollyan Bank89

3. Private Commercial Banks (PCBs):

In our country till date 43 private commercial banks are functioning are majorly owned by individuals/private entities. Private commercial banks(PCBs) can be categorized into two groups:

  • 33 Conventional Private Commercial Banks and
  • 10 Islami Shariah based Private Commercial Banks
Serial NumberName of The Banks (Conventional Private Commercial Banks (PCBs)Number of BranchesWeb Links
1Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited48
2Bank Asia Limited128
3Bengal Commercial Bank
4BRAC Bank Limited187
5Citizens Bank Limited
6Community Bank Bangladesh PLC18
7Dhaka Bank PLC106
8Dutch-Bangla Bank PLC181
9Eastern Bank PLC86
10EXIM Bank Limited100
11IFIC Bank PLC136
12Jamuna Bank Ltd123
13Meghna Bank PLC47
14Mercantile Bank PLC129
15Midland Bank Limited34
16Modhumoti Bank Ltd.45
17Mutual Trust Bank PLC118
18National Bank Limited213
19National Credit & Commerce Bank PLC109
20NRB Bank Limited36
21NRB Commercial Bank PLC83
22One Bank PLC95
23Padma Bank PLC57
24Premier Bank PLC119
25Prime Bank PLC146
26Pubali Bank PLC482
27Shimanto Bank PLC4
28South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited82
29Southeast Bank PLC133
30The City Bank PLC102
31Trust Bank Limited114
32United Commercial Bank Limited204
33Uttara Bank PLC241
Serial NumberName of The Banks (Islami Shariah based Private Commercial Banks)Number of BranchesWeb Links
1Union Bank PLC67
2Social Islami Bank Ltd.168
3First Security Islami Bank PLC178
4Global Islami Bank PLC80
5Shahjalal Islami Bank PLC115
6Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd374
7ICB Islamic Bank Ltd.33
8Bank Al-Falah Limited(Foreign)7
9Al-Arafah Islami Bank PLC119
10Standard Bank Limited113

4. Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs):

09 Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs) are operating in Bangladesh which are fully owned by foreign citizen.

Sl NumberName of The BanksNumber of branches (In BD)Web Links (In BD)
1Standard Chartered Bank26
2State Bank of India8
3Woori Bank6
4The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Ltd.13
5National Bank of Pakistan4
6Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited17
7Citibank N.A3
8Habib Bank Ltd.6
9AB Bank Limited86
  • Non-Scheduled banks:

There are now 05 non-scheduled banks functioning in Bangladesh.

Sl NumberName of The BanksNumber of branchesWeb Links
1Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank.26 
2Karmashangosthan Bank251
3Grameen Bank2567
4Jubilee Bank1 
5Palli Sanchay Bank463


01. How many banks are operated in our country?

In our country, there are 61 scheduled banks who are operating under full control and supervision of Bangladesh Bank which is empowered to do so through Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 and Bank Company Act, 1991.

02. How many Shariah Based Islami banks operated in our country?

There are 10 Islami Shariah-based banks in our country and they operate banking activities according to Shariah-based principles. Namely:
01. Union Bank Limited,
02. Social Islami Bank Ltd.,
03. First Security Islami Bank Limited,
04. Global Islami Bank Limited,
05. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited,
06. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.,
07. ICB Islamic Bank Ltd.,
08. Bank Al-Falah Limited,
09. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited and
10. Standard Bank Limited.

03. How many Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs) operated in Bangladesh?

There are 09 Foreign Commercial Banks (FCBs) operating in Bangladesh which are fully owned by foreign citizens and functioning mostly by Bangladeshi citizens.

04. How many Non-scheduled Banks operated in Bangladesh?

There are now 5 non-scheduled banks operating in Bangladesh namely
01. Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank,
02. Karmashangosthan Bank,
03. Grameen Bank,
04. Jubilee Bank,
05. Palli Sanchay Bank  

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