How to register for e-GP? E-tendering process in Bangladesh.

Modern technology is merged with all spheres of our life. As a part of the Government’s commitment to Digital Bangladesh, e-tendering is widely used by the Government of Bangladesh for purchasing goods and services from stakeholders for different government organizations and different government departments as well. E-tendering simplified the old manual tendering process which was not only costly but also slow. Here, I am trying to discuss the total E-tendering process in Bangladesh which will help contractors, bankers and the general public also.

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What is e-GP?

In the traditional tendering system, the bidder had to purchase tender from Bangladesh Bank and the total system was maintained, controlled, and supervised manually which was time consuming and expensive. This system by introducing e-GP which is managed by internet, operates the total procurement lifecycle and records all procurement activities. The government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh is developed the National e-Government Procurement (e-GP) portal (i.e. which is owned and operated by the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), IME under the Division of Ministry of Planning. The e-GP system provides the bidders or Contractors an open online platform to carry out the procurement activities from anywhere. This platform helps the government to ensure equal access to the Bidders/Tenderers and also guarantees efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the public procurement process in Bangladesh.

The e-GP phases:E-GP System has been executed in two phases:
e-Tendering System: It includes total e-Tendering processes such as centralized user registration, preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP), preparation of Bid\Tender document, invitation of Tenders, sale of Tender Documents (eTD), conducting online pre-bid meeting, collection of bid\Tender security, on-line Bid\Tender submission, Bid opening & evaluation, negotiations (where applicable), and contract awards.

e-Contract Management System (e-CMS): It covers complete e-Contract Management processes, for example preparation of work plan and its submission, defining milestone, tracking and monitoring progress, generating reports, performing quality checks, generating running bills, vendor rating and generating completion certificate.

How to Register with e-GP?

STAGE 1:User E-Mail ID Verification

1. First of all, you have to go to click on the ‘New User Registration’ and have to fill up the form as picture shown below to initiate registration.

How to register for e-GP? E tendering process in Bangladesh

2. After completion of registration form a verification mail will be sent to provided e-mail with a code from the-GP system.

How to register for e-GP? E tendering process in Bangladesh

3. Then check your mail and click the link in the verification e-mail within 72 hours.

4. If you verify this mail verification system then you receive a confirmation e-mail from the-GP system as your registration process is completed for the next step. That is, you have to pay your registration fees.

STAGE 2:Registration Fee Payment

1. For payment of registration fees take the confirmation e-mail printout to an e-GP registered bank.

2. Pay the fees to the specific counter and take the payment slip.

3. If your payment is completed by the bank then you will get a payment confirmation e-mail.

STAGE 3: Profile Completion and Document Submission

1. After getting payment confirmation e-mail Log in to e-GP site with your registered e-mail ID and password. Now enter the following details Like Company name, Address, Type of business as shown in the picture to complete your profile

2. After completing your profile now Scan and upload all required documents prescribed in the website as your business nature and click the “Final Submission” button

3. After successful completion of all processes Send the attested hard copy of all documents by post or courier to CPTU, CPTU Bhaban, IMED, Ministry of Planning, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207.

STAGE 4:Profile Verification and Approval

1. When CPTU(Central Procurement Technical Unit) gets your documents, they verify its authenticity and then send approval through e-mail and an SMS notification within three weeks.

2. Now you can start using e-GP.

User Category for E-tendering process in Bangladesh

There perform three entities to complete the total e-GP process namely;

1. Procuring Entity
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Roads and Highways Department (RHD), Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), and Rural Electrification Board (REB).

2. Procuring Agency

All the Contractor registered with e-GP is acting as Procuring agencies.

3. Banker
All the scheduled banks authorized by CPTU will receive Registration fee.

Registration and Renewal Fee for e-GP

1. BDT 5,000(Five Thousand) for national tenderers and USD 200(Two Hundred) for international tenderers.
2. Yearly renewal fee is BDT 2,000(Two Thousand) for national tenderers and USD 100(One Hunderd) for international tenderers.

Tasks to be performed by Bank

Collecting Registration Fee1. Login to e-GP Portal with ‘Branch Makers’ ID and Password.
2. Move mouse cursor on Payment Tab.
3. Click on Registration Fee menu under Payment Tab.
4. Enter the email ID of the tenderer / supplier and click on Search button.
5. The supplier/tenderer email ID will appear.
6. Click on Make Payment link on the right most column of the table.
7. The page shown below will appear.
8. Here select Currency and Mode of Payment fields from the drop-down list and type Remarks.
9. Click on Submit button.
10. An alert massage will be shown on the screen as “Payment information entered successfully”.
11. Click on Edit Payment Details button, if data need to be edited.
12. Finally click on OK button if everything is correct.

Verifying Registration Fee
1. Login to e-GP Portal with ‘Branch Checkers’ ID and Password.
2. Move Mouse cursor on ‘Payment Tab, located on the top of the page.
3. Click Registration Fee menu located under Payment Tab.
4. The pending payment list will appear. Branch Checker may filter the list by entering any of Branch Maker.
5. Click on Verify link located on the right most column of the table.
6. Verify all data, enter Remarks and press the Verify button.
7. “Payment Verified Successfully” message will confirm that the verification is done.

Required Documents for Register with E-tendering process in Bangladesh.

For Tenderers/Consulting Firms (National/International):
1. Certificate of Incorporation (in case of company) or registration document
2. Trade License (If applicable)
3. Valid Tax number (TIN) Certificate (If applicable)
4. Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate or Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration Certificate
5. Authorization letter from the owner of the firm/company
6. National ID or Passport (First 4 pages) of authorized person
7. One passport size photo of authorized person
8. e-GP registration fee payment slip.

For Government Owned Enterprises (National):
1. Government Order (GO) as proof of statutory status
2. Financial Autonomy Certificate
3. National ID or Passport (First 4 pages) of authorized person
4. One passport size photo of authorized person
5. e-GP registration fee payment slip.

For Individual Consultant (National/International):
1. National ID or Passport (First 4 pages) of authorized person
2. One passport size photo of the authorized person
3. e-GP registration fee payment slip.

Types of Tender:

Usually, there are three types of tendering in our country. These are;

1. Open Tendering Method (OTM)

Open tendering is the most competitive public procurement method in our country which is also known as open competitive bidding, open competition, or open solicitation. However, the procurement notices to call for bids about mentioned requirements known as Invitation for Bids or Invitation to Tender.

2. Limited Tendering Method (LTM)
Limited Tendering is the procurement method whereby the procuring authority contacts a supplier or suppliers of its choice for procurement. Limited procurement method is used in our country for Local Contractors of that area from which procurement is required.

3. Direct Procurement Method (DPM)
In this process raw materials, resources, goods, and services are purchased or obtained which are utilized in the core operations of a business directly from the client of the business.

How to check e-Tendering information:

STAGE 1: Relevant Information on Tender

1. Visit and then click on ‘e-Tenders’. Here according to your business profile click on the Procurement title of the tender to see detail tender notice.

2. Yun can also find out the tender details by log in with your registered e-mail ID and visiting ‘My Tender’, ‘Limited Tender’ and ‘All Tender’. Here Registered tenderers can view tender documents without paying fees.

STAGE 2: Process of Participating in the Tender Process

1. To participate in a tender, you have to pay the tender document fee at an e-GP authorized bank against your registered e-mail ID

2. In Tender Document (Docs.) Tab, confirm that the document has been read

3. In the Tender Preparation (Tend. Preparation) Tab, fill the tender forms and connect the specified documents

4. Pay the tender security at an e-GP authorized bank. Tender Security amount can be paid immediately after the document fee payment.

5. Encrypt all tender forms and see the summary having confirmed that the amendments and other documents are read.

6. Click the ‘Final Submission’ button to submit thee-tender when all the data is okay.

STAGE 3: Tender Award

1. If your tender is accepted then you will get an ‘Accept/Decline’ link within the Notification of Award (NOA) tab in your tender ‘Dashboard’.

2. If you wish to accept the tender award, select the ‘Accept ‘ option under ‘Action’ in your ‘Tender’s NOA Tab’

3. Fill up the required bank related information and ‘Submit’ the performance security specified in the notice in any e-GP authorized bank. It is mentionable that if the NOA isn’t accepted within the stipulated time given in the NOA then the NOA is going to be automatically declined from the system and also the tender security is ‘forfeited ‘

4. If you do not want to simply accept the tender award, select ‘Decline’ under ‘Action’ within the ‘Tender’s NOA Tab’ and write your comment within the ‘Comment’ box and submit. It is mentionable that during this case if it’s declined then the tender security is going to be ‘forfeited ‘ and there’ll be no choice to ‘Accept’ the tender award.

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1. How to participate in the e-Tendering?

First register into the e-GP system. Then search tender about your business related works and then take part in by accepting your related tender.

2. Is there any fee for registration?

You have to pay BDT 5,000 for national tenderers and USD 200 for international tenderers for first time registration. For renewal, you have to pay Tk. 2,000/- for national tenderers and USD 100 for international tenderers.

3. How the financial transactions shall be operated?

Financial transactions will be operated by e-GP member banks. In our country Banks act as advisors in e-GP. From time to time they will inform you about your bid for the tender.

4. What type of file format is accepted for upload?

Usually in e-GP System PDF file format allows for submitting documents regarding registration in the system.

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