Banking diploma become mandatory for bank officials to get promoted to higher ranks.

The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB) exam is primarily designed for bank officials to enhance their scope of knowledge and to gain a broader understanding of the banking industry. With this view, bank official has to sit for two-part of diploma, 1st Part JAIBB (Junior Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh) and 2nd Part DAIBB (Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh).

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In a recent decision of Bangladesh Bank, they issued a Circular on February 22, 2023, and they made it mandatory to pass the Banking Diploma Exam for the promotion of holding positions of senior officer or above, except for managing director and the immediate juniors, in all scheduled banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs).

This circular will come into effect on January 1, 2024 and will be applicable to all bank officials involved in banking activities and officials of all non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs).

Previously, as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines, for getting promotions banks have to allocate certain marks to candidates who passed the banking diploma exam. At the time of promotion of any next higher rank, this will be added with the total marks with other criteria. According to present circular of Bangladesh Bank, the certificates of JAIBB and DAIBB degrees are the benchmark for evaluating the bankers’ knowledge and experience in banking laws and rules for promoting them in next higher rank.

Several changes are being made to the diploma syllabus, which will take effect with the 96th exam (probable date 26th May 2023). Some new subjects are being added to the curriculum, and some titles have changed. However, Accounting for Financial Services (AFS) has been removed from the syllabus of JAIBB and Accounting for Financial Institutions (AFI) and Management Accounting (MA) are added as optional subjects to the DAIBB syllabus.

You can download New Banking Diploma Examination Syllabus here: 👉Click Here.

BB takes this decision to improve Bank officials’ proficiency and ensure quality services in the banking sector. There is a mixed reaction to the new circular among bank officials. But will this decision lead to the desired outcome? The future will say.

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